Car Service

When driving, there are small squeaks and sounds that you might ignore. However, they are others that indicate the possibility of a major underlying issue. These are the ones that need special attention before more damage occurs. Servicing your car regularly is one of the best practices that ensure your car serves you for longer.

However, if you want to know some of the warning signs that your car needs service, look no further.

  • Squeaks and squeals

Some noises coming from your car are normal. However, unusual noises are an indication of a problem.

Some squeaks could indicate a failure in the car’s hardware. Squeals while applying brakes is a clear indication that the braking system needs to be checked immediately. It could be something as small as dusty brake pads to more life-threatening matters like a failing braking system.

Generally, a visit to the garage will help fix everything. You might also need to replace a few car parts.

When replacing car parts, go for genuine K-tuned spare parts to ensure safety and durability.  This will also save time and money by reducing the number of trips to the mechanic.

  • Warning lights on the dashboard

Warning lights on the dashboard are one of the most obvious indications that your car needs service. It is the reason why you should schedule a visit with your mechanic sooner rather than later.


They are programmed to illuminate when a specific part of the car they are designed to monitor is not functioning as it should. Even if there has been no change in performance, an indicator light on the dashboard means there is a need for attention.

  • Reduction in power

If you notice that your car is running at lower power than usual, have it checked. Several things could cause your car to have a reduction in power. Power surges and difficulty in acceleration are some of them.

These are complicated issues and you should let a professional handle them.

  • Ignition problems

With the recent technological advancements, car manufacturers are coming up with more technologies that look to offer a smoother driving experience. One of the ways they are doing this is having a quiet ignition. 

A fully functional car is one that has a smooth and seamless start as you turn the ignition key. If you notice any problems or hear stutters or whirring sounds when starting your car, it’s a clear indication that the car needs service.


Also, if you have to turn the ignition key a couple of times before the engine starts, get the car checked.

  • Smoke or steam from under the bonnet

The most probable cause of steam coming from the bonnet is overheating which is mostly associated with the radiator. The first cause of action would be to look at the car temperature gauge to see if it’s at maximum. If it is, pull over to allow the radiator to cool down before heading to the mechanic.

A more serious issue will come in if the car emits blue smoke from the bonnet. Blue smoke is mostly associated with burning fuel.

In such a case, immediately get a safe place to stop and call a tow-truck service company; or someone who can tow the car to the garage. This problem could be associated with but not limited to pistons, valve seals, piston rings, and engine oil seals that are worn out.

If left unfixed, this could lead to costly repairs.

  • Reduced ride comfort

Even though you may not hear any noises or indications, if you are experiencing reduced ride comfort, it is time to get serviced.

If you find that you are having problems with steering and the steering wheel is not sitting as it should, you might need an alignment.

If you feel like the car is riding low, there are problems when driving on speed bumps or your tyres are scraping on the wheel arch, call your mechanic.

These are just a few signs when your car needs to be serviced. Otherwise, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on how often you should take your car for service. This will not only make sure your car remains in top condition but will also help catch some issues before they become bigger and costly problems.

Car Service
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