Humpty Dumpty EQC
Mercedes Humpty Dumpty Build Quality Can’t Put The EQC Back Together Again
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Long have we bemoaned the build quality of Mercedes vehicles. Long has Mercedes heaped discontent for it shows continued malcontent and filthy air. So fair and foul a day I have seen, yet again hath Mercedes build quality fallen foul to shoddy workmanship… In other words, Mercedes has come a cropper again, that is to say, it seems not even Humpty Dumpty would trust Mercedes enough to put him back together again. 

Mercedes’s once-fabled indestructibility is just so, a fable, a fairy tale. Mercedes is thus recalling the brand new EQC electric SUV crosser due to a potentially defective bolt. The bolt is located in the front axle differential transmission. The company has determined that the bolt has a high-risk of failing.

If the bolt did fail then it could become lodged within the differential transmission. The end effect of this occurring could cause severe vehicle stability and control issues, at the very least. If such a failure occurred it will almost certainly result in an increased risk of causing a crash.

Mercedes didn’t say how many vehicles were affected but Mr. Humpty Dumpty won’t be going back to Mercedes when he next requires to be put back together… again.

Humpty Dumpty EQC
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