Mercedes SL 208 AMMo NYC Clean
Cleaning The Dirtiest Mercedes 280 SL In History

We’re not entirely sure that this is the dirtiest Mercedes ever but it is a Mercedes 280 SL in need of care and a lot of attention. It’s been garaged for the past 37 years. It’s been sitting for so long that it has not only accumulated in value but it’s also accumulated 37 years of dust dirt and mouse droppings.

Only one person can clean and restore this Mercedes 280 SL somewhere close to its former glory… AMMO NYC YouTube man. Ammo NYC YouTube man does his usual expert detail.

Underneath the layers upon layers of dust and dirt is… oxidized paint. SO Ammo NYC uses his expertise and skill set to restore the dirtiest Mercedes paintwork as close to OEM as possible.

Mercedes SL 208 AMMo NYC Clean
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