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How To Beat That Boring Car Journey

Being stuck in any sort of boring car journey that you just can’t be bothered to be on, is torture. It could be the ten-minute commute to work that turns into half an hour because of the traffic, or it could be that long car journey you have to make to go and see your loved ones. Either way, we just know that there’s nothing worse than enduring a long car journey when you’d rather be doing anything else, and it can be so hard to get through it as the driver. This is one of the reasons that we think people fall out of love with driving. Instead of having that love for being on the roads, we associate everything with the parts of driving we’ve come to hate, yet there are plenty of ways that you can find that love for it again.

And one of the ways that we think you can do that, is to get rid of those boring car journeys altogether, and here’s how we think you can do just that!

Keep Your Brain Excited

Keeping your brain engaged during a long car journey is going to be one of the hardest things that you can do. It’s so easy to just switch off, and we’re sure that you will have all had those moments where you wonder how the hell you got to the point you’re at, because for the last few minutes you’ve been in your own world. So the best way to keep your brain engaged, is to forget about the boring radio that plays the same songs over and over, and think about downloading a ton of travel songs onto your phone to keep your mind excited. If you follow this link,, you’ll find out just how to do that with a Mac computer. Some of you will prefer to use other methods, but if you don’t want to use all of your data up, then downloading songs to listen to offline is the way forward.

Get Yourself On Road Trips

The main reason why we always think that driving is boring, is because we’re never really driving for fun. We’re usually driving because we have to, perhaps to work, or to run the errands we always have to run. So, now is the time to think about planning a road trip with your partner, or your friends. Create pit stops in cool locations along the way, and pick roads that you aren’t going to find boring, ones off the beaten track a little!

Ease The Morning Commute

If the morning commute is the reason that you hate driving, then why don’t you get rid of it altogether. If there is a way of getting to work via public transport, why don’t you do it. You may find it a waste of money considering you have a car, but you’ll save money on fuel, and you’ll feel far happier not having to be stuck in all of that traffic!

Boring journey,
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