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Bjorn Nyland Accuses Motoring Journalists Of Being Clueless On The Subject of Electric Vehicles

Tesla YouTuber, Bjorn Nyland, has slammed the worldwide profession of Motoring Journalists saying they are “clueless” on the subject of electric vehicles. Nyland busts a few myths when it comes to the differences between charging an electric vehicle compared to refuelling a gas-powered car. The issue we have with electric cars is the time it takes to charge the batteries. However, fast charging has changed everything, although we think that battery technology is still at a fairly primordial stage it has improved considerably over the last 5 years.

If you are considering an electric car now is the time to buy. But a new generation of electric batteries needs to be developed. Graphene-based batteries are touted as the holy grail of super quick, longer-lasting battery technology. However, Graphene is difficult to manufacture consistently.

But there is a donkey in the room. Bjorn Nyland called motoring journalists clueless on the subject of electric cars. This is outrageous! Motoring journalists around the world are like a band of brothers, and admittedly too few sisters.

But Nyland is correct. Motoring journalists are pretty clueless at the best of times. Sorry folks but you have got to present both sides of the argument, a little from column A and little from column B.

Bjorn Nyland loves
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