Mercedes B Class
CarsGuide Asks, is The Mercedes B Class The “B-Movie” of Family Cars?

No, no, no, no, NO! Carsguide didn’t ask such an errant question as posed in the headlines above. We here at DCB HQ posed the question on their behalf. To make the B Class sound more enthralling. Because let me be honest, if I was intending to buy a new Mercedes, the entry-level model of choice begins with the C Class and then you go upwards accordingly.

The new A Class is very stylish but only in saloon form, and it’s cramped at the rear so. However, there are those so inclined who believe a Mercedes B Class is the A+ standard of MPVs. MPV? To me, MPV spells “dead-in-the-water”. Would you really be happy to tell your friends you own an MPV?

The Mercedes B Class looks sad, sounds sad, and is a career-ending decision. To have an unwarranted desire to own such a vehicle is an act of heresy. Maybe you’re happy I can’t really say otherwise, other than dispensing my professional opinion… I am not a professional.

Mercedes B Class
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