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The Importance of Updating Your Old Sat Nav Gear

The human populous is forever growing, expanding, ever greater expectations and pressures are placed upon growing demand. Anticipating these changes is a constant endeavor be it urbanisation of towns & cities or automation through AI or robotic AI technologies. Change isn’t limited to technology. We change our fashion style every season because the fashion trends persuade us to. Or we could change our diet because there is a desire to live a healthier more sustainable ecological lifestyle. We are always updating our personal knowledge be it on a personal, academic or technological level.

But our “change” moments are dominated by consumerism. We change our mobile phones every two years because we want faster more powerful phones. Faster more powerful is always better. However, for some having the latest technology is a statement and a status symbol.

Having the latest up to date technology be it software or hardware or indeed both, allows for better productivity. Or an improved work-life balance. For example, if you are a commuter and travel to work by train every damn day and had the choice to take a steam train or a high-speed train that offers way more comfort and convenience, naturally you would take the high speed (more comfortable) train.

However, there are those who may well prefer to take the steam train to work and say to hell with being late. The steam train in today’s world is seen as ancient technology, rudimentary somehow less manmade, more natural. But in its day, the steam train was as advanced as 5G is today in 2019. To that end it’s almost certain most the majority of train passengers would opt to take the high-speed train to work.

The Technology Stockholm Syndrome

But there will always those who still insist on taking the steam train. Similarly, there are motorists who still use Sat Nav navigation systems that are past their prime. These people suffer from a kind of technology “Stockholm syndrome”. People become attached to their navigation systems be it the hardware or software because keeping the system up to date interferes with the end user’s familiarity.

Ideally the system should update automatically, however, most users do not know how to or simply do not bother. But why should you update a navigation system such as a Garmin or TomTom? Regularly updating the software will iron out any coding errors. A new update could also make the software more secure and prevent hackers from installing a Trojan horse. Additionally, a regular software update will add an improved interface, new maps and road networks because improvements are always being made to the physical road network infrastructure.

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Many people do not realise most navigation systems require subscriptions to receive updates. So, in the end, most people choose not to subscribe preferring instead to rely on outdated maps and sub-optimised software. However, there are sites that allow you to update your navigation system for free.

Updating your sat-nav is a pre-requisite if you want to retain operability, functionality and usability of the hardware and software. It also makes practical sense, updating your GPS / navigation system will get you to your location via the most efficient route possible therefore saving you time and money.

Sat Nav dailycarblog
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