BMW E38 Carscoops Concept
This Is Not The New Premium Luxury Rubbish BMW 7 Series, Its A Concept of What Should Have Been
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We are adopting a more positive outlook, we want to be car enthusiasts again like we was/were before we joined this motor industry… we want to be car enthusiasts again! The Premium Luxury Rubbish BMW 7 Series has been a styling disaster since the days of E65. We’re big Chris Bangle fans but his early interpretation of the 7 Series was… well it lacked the styling elegance of the E38. I owned an E38 a few years ago, fantastic car, not the Premium Luxury Rubbish of today’s BMW.

However, the E38 had a problem with the rear suspension, after about 50k on the clock, they developed high pitched chimes at certain speeds. So the rear suspension had to be changed. But I still loved that E38, it wasn’t as great a drive as a Jaguar XJ of the same era. Purely from a styling perspective, the E38 looked great and it has aged better than the E65.

And BMW has revealed concepts over the years that follow E38 styling cues. But those are the carrot at the end of the stick and donkey’s such as me are always tempted to taste the carrot. The current BMW G11 is somewhat bloated compared to the E38. But there are a number of reasons why.

BMW E38 Carscoops Concept

New crash protection, side-impact regulations force designers into styling compromises. But the biggest compromise of all are the focus groups. That’s why the E65 had an awkwardly styled rear boot because focus group results determined easier access over pure styling.

But hey-and-ho, Carscoops has got the easel out and conceptualised a BMW E38 restyled for 2019. It looks smart, but we’ve been here before right? BMW unveiled the Vision Future Luxury Concept in 2014. It was meant to be a preview of the new-generation BMW. The Vision Future Concept was loaded with E38 styling cues.

Ultimately BMW stuck to the focus groups and ended up playing it safe with the BMW G15. However, design and technology are all about evolution. This design concept by Carscoops, while great looking, is in danger of being too retro. And as we all know retro design doesn’t age so well, just ask the VW Beetle.

BMW E38 Carscoops Concept
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