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Honest John The Master of Disasterous YouTube Automobile Reviewers

In our last ever look at the Honest John (which is debatable on so many levels) YouTube channel we critique Honest John’s (debatable) last known review. It’s the year 2013 and Honest John is reviewing the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect, an otherwise forgettable vehicle. But in the venerable hands of Honest John, the review is a memorable spine-chilling parting gift to the world. A review to remember but for all the wrong reasons.

Honestly, Honest John is wonderfully woeful at video-reviewing cars. Personally, I think it is all part of an elaborate performance, it has to be a parody, a cunning act to fool us all. However, our thinking changed dramatically as Honest John revealed his favorite feature, the large door mirrors… because they allow him to see kerbs and… children…


This guy just prattles off the spec sheet given to him by the PR people and they love him for it. To that end, Mr John provides an Honest (debatable) review. Throw in unplanned awkward comedy timing and you have classic ee-bah-gum vaudeville theater.

Thanks, Mr. John for all your hard work, you gave it your best shot, and we salute you for your unpolished camera work, the uncomfortable too-camera

moments, the quick meaningless quips, and that… hat…

Our lawyer instructed us not deliberate further on the meaning of the pork pie hat. We were also instructed to refer to the hat specifically as a pork pie hat. We do not know if it is a pork pie hat.

But the question is can we do any better? no… I have bucked teeth, large ears and talk with a lisp. The only work I could ever get these days is on terrestrial Television because in the age of YouTube who watches TV?

2023 update:

Mr. Honest (debatable) John is no longer associated with the Honest John website. The new proprietors removed all known videos of the perpetrator who used the stage name Honest John, which will always be debatable on so many levels. 

But fear not, a lone YouTuber with a lot of time to waste has uploaded a few vintage proper Honest John videos. History will teach us that horror can come in many forms.

Honest John loves Dailycarblog.com
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