Autonomous Robots
Will Autonomous Robots Become The Driverless Chauffeur of the Future?

Autonomous Robots technology is built around advanced algorithms so powerful they can out-think humans in real-time. That wasn’t the case just 10 years ago, but it has been the aim of computer scientists since the first days of the computer age. Now a new era of advanced robotics and real-time learning AI will usher in a truly deadlier era. An era in which mankind will become servile as the rise of the robotic AI era advances.

But how will these autonomous robots affect cars and driving cars? Well if you are a lazy-ass the rise of the robotic AI era won’t affect you at all. However, evidence is growing that robotic AI has advanced to dangerous levels.

Bosstown Dynamics has unveiled its new AI-driven fully autonomous robot. Learning algorithms allow the Bosstown Dynamics machine to advance human interactions to levels never before seen.

This is your future, this is our future one that we are all unprepared for. But if you truly are a lazy ass you won’t be affected by any of it.

Autonomous Robots
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