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Tesla’s Hyperfast 250kW V3 Supercharger Is The Reason To Buy A Tesla
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We’re not promoting (shilling) for Tesla, and our interactions with Tesla UK PR has been itchy strange. We’ve had our criticisms of Tesla for sure because it doesn’t look good when a Tesla vehicle catches fire. But this is cutting edge technology right? Things go wrong right? WRONG. The electric motor is as old as the internal combustion engine. To that end, we should not view the electric car as new or cutting edge. Indeed gas-powered cars are still way more efficient than an electric vehicle, that’s a scientific fact.

Eventually, improved battery technology will mean parity between EVs and ICE vehicles. However, the biggest Elephant in the room is the rate at which it takes to recharge an electric car, hours not minutes is the norm. Tesla is responding to this by introducing 250 kilowatt V3 Superchargers. In layman’s terms that means you can charge a Model 3 from 0-180 miles of range in as little as 15 minutes.

But there are a few provisos. The latest 250kW V3 Superchargers are only available to work on the Tesla Model 3. The V 3 Supercharger is still a few weeks away from being rolled out to Tesla’s entire US Supercharger network.

Model S and Model X owners will still be able to make use of V3 Superchargers but the re-charge rate will not be as fast as that of the Model 3. Nevertheless, the Model S is still primed to recharge 130miles in 15 minutes, considerably faster than the current V2 Supercharger.

Third-party charging networks such as EVgo and Electrify America do offer 350kW superchargers however there are no electric cars compatible to take advantage. The Porsche Tycan is designed to take advantage of the 350kW supercharger, but it is still months away from release.

However, if you own a Tesla you will enjoy the fastest recharge time of any EV on the market right now. And that’s one reason to buy a Tesla, they are more advanced and forward-thinking than any of the current EV car manufactures.  They just need work on that quality control.

Tesla V3 Supercharger dailycarblog
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