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Everything You Need to Know About Rental Cars

Rental cars are a great way to get around places you’re traveling. It’s easier than trying to navigate public transportation or figure out taxis. Rental cars are usually good quality, come with insurance warranties, and are filled up with gas before every new client. The job of a rental is to make your life easier while you are on vacation or on a business trip. There are specifics about rental cars that most people don’t know. This could easily lead to confusion, frustration, and a bad experience.

But renting a car is simple once you understand the process, which can be broken down into a few steps.

Making a Reservation/Booking

The first step for renting a car is either making a reservation or booking on the spot. If you know where you are going and how long you will need the car, most rental businesses have reservation systems. This means that you can call them in advance to reserve a vehicle. During the reservation, you will decide what type of car you want, how long you want it, and from which company you’ll reserve from.

Pro tip: rental cars are easy to book and cheapest at the airport. This is especially if you reserve ahead of time. Online databases are available to shop and compare rates between different rental companies.

With airport rental, you can go to any kiosk at the airport, and they will most likely have a car available for you. If it’s not at the airport, they’ll have a free shuttle to take you to the rental agency.

Payment and License

Once you arrive (no matter if you booked in advance or if you are renting right at the airport), you’ll need to give your license and a valid credit card. This is to make sure that you are a valid driver and that you are able to pay for the vehicle. They won’t charge you right away. The credit card information is just collateral for the rental company for those who decide not to return the car.

If you’re going overseas, also check before you leave your home country to see if you need to pick up an international driver’s license. You can do this at AAA centers and other international travel agencies.

Rental Agreement

This will be different for every company that you decide to rent with. You have to make sure that you read each rental agreement that you get because they are all different. They all have different rules such as the mileage allowed per day, when the car must be returned, if you have any cushion time to return it, and any extra clauses.

These are the terms you agree to use and return the car. It’s important that you understand them so that you don’t accidentally mess anything up. If you can, get a copy emailed to you so that you have the rules as well.

Damage Insurance

All rental cars come with damage insurance. This is special insurance that will cover damages that happen while you are driving the rental. Unfortunately, these damages are paid for by the credit card that you gave them at the beginning of the rental process. You need to make sure you are careful to see which damages are covered and which aren’t.

Some damages will be charged to you, but others will be covered by the special insurance.

Drive and Return

After carefully reviewing the agreement and making sure that the car is in good shape, it’s time to drive. Note any weird things that happen with the vehicle (if there are any). You should write down the miles you drive per day.

When it’s time to return your car, you should simply park the vehicle in one of the designated return spaces.

Having information about the car rental process ahead of time will prepare you to drive no matter where your travels take you. If you’re planning a trip any time soon, shop rentals now and reserve to make the process as easy as can be!

Rental Cars advice
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