EU Electric cars Warning Law
New European Union Law Will Make Electric Cars Emit Synthetic Warning Sounds
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For the EU silence is not an option. It is the law. The EU thinks electric cars and hybrids emit too little noise. Indeed electric cars are silent by definition. Hybrids are also silent at low speed, the combined problem becomes a potential danger to pedestrians and the visually impaired. From July 1, 2019, a new EU law will direct car manufacturers to make Hybrids and electric cars louder at speeds of up to 12mph (20kmh). But if you are a Brexit or anti-EU fascist in Italy then you should also vent your fury at America because a similar will be introduced in 2020.

The EU says that all-electric vehicles will have to emit a minimum of 56 decibels. To put that into perspective, a standard gas-powered car emits around 75 decibels. The Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System law is quite specific in that the vehicle noise should rise and fall when accelerating or decelerating.

Audi has developed an e-sound that took three years to produce. The sound will be incorporated into future Audi electric cars with each model having its own unique sound signature. Similarly the Nissan Leaf also emits a sound, however, users have the option to switch it off.

The new EU law states that the sound emitted by an electric or hybrid vehicle must be permanent with no option to disable. However, the new law does not state what type of acoustic sound is allowed. So, in theory, you could end up with a string quartet as a simulated engine noise.

Perhaps a new business enterprise has opened up. It is perfectly possible you could download an acoustic note/chord for your electric or hybrid vehicle as you do for a music download. And there will always be room for a La Cucaracha engine tone.

EU Electric cars Warning Law
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