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Hyundai’s Continued Sponsorship of Chelsea FC Is Normalising Racism And Anti Semitism
Jeremiah Clarkson

We really don’t know what the marketing and PR teams over at Hyundai UK are thinking. With Hyundai’s continued sponsorship/partnership of Chelsea FC the company is normalising fan racism and anti-Semitism by not addressing the root causes or even making a public denouncement. They are meant to be targeting fans to sell more cars right? One imagines the marketing and PR teams at Hyundai UK to be arrogant and aloof, a mix of prosecco and self-righteous ambiguity.

How else do they ignore the racism and anti-Semitism seeping through the stands of Chelsea FC. Do they make a stand and fight or do they run? They do neither.

They, Hyundai UK, are somewhat isolated in their ivory tower and career goals. Don’t rock the corporate boat, keep your head down and do as told.

Fuck that mentality and fuck Hyundai.

When Chelsea FC fans started the racist and anti-semitic chanting Hyundai should have immediately ended their sponsorship/partnership of Chelsea FC. Yet Hyundai preferred to bury its corporate head in the sand.

I ask you, what PR value is there in continuing to sponsor a club gripped by bigotry? It is isn’t hidden, it’s out in the open for all to hear. For racist Chelsea FC fans it’s a badge of honor.

Hyundai’s only response has been to launch a presumably prosecco-fuelled PR scam that is ‘A matchday in Europe’ video.

They had to be drunk and stoned to totally ignore casual racism and anti-Semitism being proudly exhibited by Chelsea FC fans.

But at least some Chelsea fans are fighting back. What is Hyundai doing? Burying their heads in the sand, at least they are doing something.

Live for something or die for nothing. Your call.

Jeremy Clarkson - Daily Car Blog
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