DriveTribe Aston Martin Conspiracy
Drivetribe Debunks The Aston Martin Ford V12 Collusion Conspiracy Theory

DriveTribe has debunked a conspiracy theory made by two of the founders the website, Jeremy Clarkson and James May. The Grand Tour duo have consistently stated that the V12 engine Aston Martin used for the DB9 was merely two Ford V6 Mondeo engines welded together. It turns out the story is much more complex and fascinating.

Yes, indeed Aston Martin did use Ford engines because the company was owned by Ford between 1988 and 2007.

Ford made and assembled the engines in Germany with a dedicated specialist team of engine builders specifically for Aston Martin.

But it turns out the origins of the V12 can be traced back to Porsche. Back in the day Ford hired Porsche to design and engineer a V6 block.

So the V12 engined DB9 can trace its engine roots back to the drawing board of Porsche.

DriveTribe Aston Martin Conspiracy
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