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Porsche Boxster And Cayman To Go Fully Electric by 2022?
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Porsche is currently testing prototype mules to assess the viability and feasibility of an electric 718 Cayman and by proxy, Boxster. The current generation Cayman and Boxster are currently being tested with a modified electric drivetrain. However, engineering an electric drivetrain into the Caymans engine bay will require extensive changes to the mid-engine architecture.

Simply put, Porsche cannot cram enough lithium-ion batteries into the Cayman’s chassis to return a long enough range. Engineering studies have shown the maximum achieved range is 300km (186miles).

Porsche is mulling over whether to add hybrid or plug-in hybrid derivatives when the Porsche 718 is superseded in 2022. No firm decision has been made just yet.

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What is clear is that the next generation 718 Cayman and Boxster will make use of the latest 48V mild hybrid technologies.

Mild hybrids, also known as battery-assisted hybrid vehicles, are used to improve efficiencies of the internal combustion engine.

For example, such engines use electric compressors, effectively electric turbochargers, to assist in engine performance. Which sounds fine by our reckoning.

Porsche will introduce mild hybrid tech to all models. But you can be sure the next generation Porsche Boxster and Cayman will be offered with hybrid and plug-in hybrid derivatives.


Porsche Boxster Hybrid dailycarblog.com
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