Ferrari 812 Superfast
He’s Thinking of Buying A Ferrari… Shmee150 Is Thinking of Buying An 812 Superfast

You know why we are not driving the Ferrari 812 Superfast? Teeth… you know the reason why we never started a (potentially) lucrative YouTube channel? Teeth. All of us here at DCB need dental work to match the superiority of Shmee150‘s perfectly aligned teeth. Our theory is Shmee150’s teeth are part of the reason for his runaway success. A set of perfectly aligned gnashers means you are minted for the rest of your life.

And what is our measure of success for running this… carblog?

A bloody VW Tiguan long-termer. Thank you success gods! thanks… we really appreciate our ever declining standing and lack of respectability.

Anyway, Shmee150 is attending a track day at Silverstone in a Ferrari 812 Superfast. The naturally aspirated V12 powered 812 Superfast is good for 800bhp and £260,000.

Will he buy one or will he not? That is the question.


Ferrari 812 Superfast
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