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There Will Be No Apple Car As Tim Cook Throws 200 Employees Into The Gutter
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It seems the 200 employees working on the Apple electric car will have to invent their own personalized autonomous technology to find their way back home and a new job. Apple has been working on Project Titan for a number of years. However, the primordial gods were against the project from the start. This isn’t the first time Apple has cut jobs on Project Titan. The company axed hundreds of engineers in 2016. Nevertheless, Apple began field testing their autonomous technology in 2017. A fleet of Lexus SUV’s was equipped to traverse the state of California. The Cupertino based company has never revealed if it was developing hardware or software systems. Neither did Apple ever confirm if it was going all out for full electric vehicle production. Apple has never applied for planning permission to build a car factory. The latter all but rules out they were ever intending to build and sell vehicles. CEO, Tim Cook stated that the company was investing billions in Project Titan. That may well have been true. It may well have been a positive statement for the markets to boost the share price. It is highly likely that Apple was developing hardware and software systems. However, the future of the project remains unclear. Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and autonomous systems are the next big technological wave. Its market implementation is potentially worth billions, possibly trillions of dollars. That is why companies are investing billions in either creating the tech from the ground up or investing in start-up companies involved in developing the technology. However, there is an opinion that the technology is many years away from being foolproof. Safety concerns were raised after an Uber autonomous test vehicle killed a pedestrian last year. Project Titan is still running, for now.  
 Apple, Tim cook, apple car,
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