MKBHD trash talk Tesla rivals,
MKBHD Trash Talk, Tech Nerd Questions The Rise of Potential Tesla Killers

MKBHD openly says he has a great relationship with Tesla. Which is a worry for us because he should keep a friendly distance. Because from time to time he may, one day, need to trash talk, Tesla. Or in more considered parlance he may one day be required to use critical analysis.

We regularly trash talk Tesla, I mean use critical analysis and as a result, they do not want to have anything to do with us. Fair is fair.

We may as well quit but for some reason, we do not.

But trash talk is not the way of MKBHD. Clear and lucid as always he engages in a spot of trash talk when comparing a possible Tesla rival.


Rivian is a California based automotive technology company founded in 2009 that specialize in battery, electric and control components.

The company announced plans to build an electric car in 2013. It never happened. In 2017 Rivian acquired a former Mitsubishi plant in Illinois.

Later that year, 2017, Rivian announced the intention to build a Pickup truck and SUV. And Rivian has raised $450m to make them happen.

Well, to be fair MKBHD isn’t trash talking Rivian at all. But he doubts the Pickup will ever be made.

 MKBHD trash talk Tesla rivals,
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