Mark Rober, Defrost your car window,
Mark Rober On How To De-Fog Your Windscreen

This is Mark Rober, a former Nasa Scientist who worked on the Curiosity Mars Explorer and who now has a more down to earth job as YouTuber. Mark Rober made a small but tidy sum by selling digital T-Shirts. Anyway to cut a long story short. On the back of his Digital Dudz enterprise Mark Rober left his job at Nasa and sold his company, which he did part-time.

Now the Cheif Creative Officer for fancy dress company Morphsuits he also finds the time to work with Disney to create augmented costumes. And yet through it all Rober still finds time to run a successful YouTube Channel. He doesn’t have tones of video content however his latest revenge-prank video has set the internet alight. Rober, being a scientist, discusses the best way to de-fog your window. By using science. Boring yes, but mix it with science facts and it becomes… less boring. We’re watching his latest revenge prank video.  
 Mark Rober, Defrost your car window,
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