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YouTuber’s Tesla Ran Out of Battery Power Sitting In Parking Lot

Turns out if you own a Tesla and decide to go for a weekend holiday and leave your Model S for three days in a car park you will run out of battery. Apologies we meant “parking lot”. That’s what happened to Dan Markham of YouTube channel What’s Inside?

What’s Inside? Family is the second channel to his popular What’s Inside? vlog. Both are general mucking around-having-fun YouTube channels. And yes both are popular. Mucking around for a living has afforded Dan the opportunity to buy a Tesla Model S. However, Dan’s world came crashing down back to reality when his Tesla Model S ran out of battery power. With no charging point located at the airport, Dan had to get his car towed back by a good old-fashioned gasoline powered tow-truck. Turns out that a Tesla consumes battery power even when parked up… why didn’t anyone tell us about that!?  
 Tesla model 3, Whats Inside, YouTube, dailycarblog.com
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