Nissan Renault, Carwow Kadjar review,
Just How Good Is The Nissan Renault Kadjar? Carwow Finds Out
For the interests of fairness and balance, it is our sad duty to post a video review of the Nissan Renault Kadjar. Thankfully because we don’t have a YouTube channel of worthy note, Carwow’s Matt Watson takes on the dangers of driving a Renault. The Nissan Renault Kadjar is a re-bodied Nissan Renault Qashqai. We really don’t have anything more to say. We banned featuring Nissan or Renault in any context after Tom Barnard a, former Nissan PR corporate shill was sharing his views openly about us on Twitter. We don’t mind the negativity and encourage criticism but we do not know him or understand why he did so.

If he had used his personal Twitter profile then fine. It’s just another Twitter lunatic.

Nevertheless, because he expressed his views in a public forum under the guise of Nissan UK PR we have the right to finally reply. And we will gladly do so. The war begins. Way to go PR professional Tom Barnard man. A great example of representing your then brand and also exposing your sloppy professionalism. Next time criticise in private so you don’t allow us to happily shit over Renault and Nissan. At the end of the day we really are not that important.  Nissan Renault, Carwow Kadjar review,
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