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Consumers Using Smartphone Apps To Find A Parking Space Crash Prices

Parking is a nightmare. On match day, at commute o’clock and every bank holiday, you can be sure to find vehicles queuing around the block to enter car parks in the city. Luckily, there’s a new solution for drivers to find a parking space. Like most menial tasks in 2018, there’s an app for that.

Over the past decade, online parking marketplaces have sprung up across the globe to help consumers find a parking space. There’s SpotHero in the US, YourParkingSpace in the UK and Get My Parking in India, to name just a few.

These all help motorists to find a parking space, whilst homeowners and businesses earn extra income from listing under-occupied spots on the platform. Typically, they guarantee to match or beat drive-up prices.

Different parking apps boast different features. With YourParkingSpace, drivers can book parking by the hour, day or month to ensure they’re never paying for more time than they need. Some US services offer the deluxe option of valet parking. With AppyParking, drivers can check out local parking rules and restrictions. This saves the biggest cost of all – parking tickets.

Space owners have netted a substantial amount of cash from using these online services. In the UK, the average landlord earns over £1000 each year. In London, that figure doubles. Drivers looking to find a parking space in the city center could pay £625 per month for the privilege. That’s not just any spot, though – it’s an Aldgate address with round-the-clock access and VIP security features.

Keen to get started? Here’s our advice. Space owners should list at a bargain rate, to begin with, then increase prices in line with their reputation. Drivers, download one of these apps to find a parking space. Many of them allow you to increase the length of your booking while you’re out and about so you can swerve a parking fine!

Find A Parking Space,
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