Vauxhall GT Experimental Concept,
Vauxhall GT X Experimental Concept Gives Luton A New Hope For Electric Future
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Vauxhall, the loss-making car manufacture previously owned by General Motors and now in the hands of the PSA Group (Peugeot/Citroen) is currently in recovery mode. Having been stabilised by the PSA acquisition in 2017, Vauxhall, along with its twin Opel, are looking to the future.

The manifestation of this hither-too unseen future is the so-called brand experiment or as it is officially known, the Vauxhall GT X Experimental. It’s a five-door fully electric coupe… that is also a compact SUV… but it looks like a coupe, confused? Vauxhall GT Experimental Concept, interior, There is no need to be confused, the GT X Exeprimental is kind of like a design statement of intent, it will never go into production, however, the concept’s design language will be distilled into future Vauxhall vehicle design. GT X Experimental is powered by a (presumably imaginary) 50kWh, compact next generation lithium-ion battery with inductive charging. The GT X Experimental’s wheels are designed to look like massive 20-inch rims, but in fact, they’re 17-inch rims, rubber covers that flow over the rims enlarges the look, maximises visual appeal while retaining road comfort. Vauxhall GT Experimental Concept, BEV, The GT X Experimental will also showcase the future look of Vauxhall interiors. However don’t expect a roll-out of electric or electrified Vauxhalls just yet, 2024 is the due date. The Vauxhall/Opel brand was a loss-making entity when it was under the ownership of General Motors, for over 20 years. The PSA group purchased Vauxhall and Opel in 2017 for £1.9bn, however, General Motors is said to be paying a further $2bn over the next decade to cover pension liabilities. Let us hope the GT Experimental is a vision into the future and not a re-run of General Motors inspired design leadership.  Vauxhall GT Experimental Concept,
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