Aspire Design Range Rover velar widebody
This Custom Widebody Kit Will Transform Your Range Rover Velar & Street Cred
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After we massively fell out with Land Rover UK PR over what was bullying, bigoted behavior conducted by an individual who has been unwittingly enabled and now further emboldened by ignorant sympathizers we decided never again to allow for any Land Rover coverage. At a later date, we will address the fallout directly and we will address why we used the terms Jabba The Hutt to target this PR buffoon who makes Sir Martin Sorrell look professional. Ultimately we backtracked like a bear on a bicycle and we didn’t like it because it has allowed the continuation of this bullying to fester and ultimately metastasize.

In dealing with Land Rover UK PR we believe this individual crossed a red line. A response was inevitable, we cared little to the damage it would do to us, besides as long as our two loyal readers remained ( the dog and next door neighbors cat) we were fine with that. Anyway, we have never had a problem with the product, it’s about the PR buffoon at the center of the storm she created and who has done more damage to her brand than she cares to realise or admit. We will outline why at a later date, but the battle has today officially resumed. And the battle has already interrupted why this post was created in the first place. The Range Rover Velar a crossover, part estate, part off-roader but still very much an SUV based on the Jaguar F-Pace platform. London based automotive specialists, Aspire Design create bespoke body kits and rims for clients who want more exclusivity than the standard manufacturer offerings. Aspire Design Range Rover velar widebody rear view Aspire have created what they call “the first widebody Velar program on the market” so that means broader wheel arches for that widebody customised look. Throw in a variety of colours a new front and rear bumper, lower side sills, two rear spoilers and a diffuser and you have a truly custom look not officially offered. Aspire is also touting a quad-tipped exhaust that can apparently enhance the diesel exhaust note to emulate the sound of a V8 powered monster. Interior upgrades are optional although we reckon the current Velar interior doesn’t require much improvement. In the UK the Velar retails from £44k for entry-level models and is offered with a range of 2.0-litre petrol and diesel-powered engines. We suggest going for the 3.0-litre V6-turbo diesel because the power delivery is smoother than the 4-cylinder variants. The official production Velar will is scheduled to get a pointless but fast SVR performance version which will be powered by a 5.0litre V8 supercharged engine.  Aspire Design Range Rover velar widebody
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