Down Goes Matt Le Blanc… Down Goes Matt Le Blanc… Down Goes Top Gear?
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The only genuinely decent presenter in new Top Gear, Matt Le Blanc, has just announced he is leaving the long-running BBC motoring show. The world’s most watched factual entertainment program will now be looking for a replacement, the former Friends star confirmed he will exit left after the conclusion of the next series. Le Blanc cited “time commitment and extensive travel… takes me away from my family and friends more than I’m comfortable with.” Social media went into a frenzy, a difficult feat to pull off at this moment and time because Dancing Hermione is sucking all of the media attention. It will be a fraught time for Rory Reid and Chris Harris for they will no longer be able to force laughter into thin air in an attempt to inject humor into the show. When Jeremy Clarkson was sacked from Top Gear for attacking a colleague and making racist comments he was rewarded with a rival programme over on digital streaming service Amazon Prime. However, following on from the Clarkson, Hammond and May era was always going to be an uphill struggle. Chris Evans shouted hard and he was humiliated for his efforts. Chris Harris is a bit of a loner, excellent when it is just him and a car but unable to adlib unscripted, however, he should have his own show to replace Top Gear. And Rory Reid… Rory Reid… and… Rory Reid is… he was born to present The One Show… and others like it. To be serious, Reid has got a very good natural presenting style he’ll forge a successful career on TV but not Top Gear because some (many) of my fellow honkies are racists… we tried to be serious… Le Blanc could have pulled off presenting the entire show by himself because try as his co-presenters might, both have failed to charm viewers as easily as Le Blanc. Will the BBC get desperate and hire a traditional motoring man journalist or will they hire a #metoo female lead or will the BBC get really desperate and hire a YouTube presenter? Carthrottle’s Alex Kersten is one possible Top Gear candidate…. can’t think of any other.  Matt-LeBlanc-Leaves-Top-Gear-Dailycarblog
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