This Air Pollution Simulator Will Convince You Why Diesel Cars Need To Be Banned
We are staunch supporters of the diesel-powered car, getting many more miles over a petrol equivalent seems like magic, like a scientific miracle. After watching this video from Hubbub, an eco-mental-hippy-type non-profit organization we are now convinced that diesel cars shouldn’t be phased out but that moves should be made to ban sales of all diesel cars immediately. Of course, such a move will never happen, however by 2040 it will become a reality. You can not see pollution, you can’t smell it. Artist, Michael Pinsky, installed a Pollution Pod, in London, that simulates air pollution in five different cities around the world. The Pollution Pod starts with the cleanest city and journeys to the most polluted, the results demonstrate just how deteriorated cities have become. For developed nations such as the UK, the diesel-powered car is one of the main contributors to the air pollution you can’t see and you can’t smell. Because we have become accustomed to this pollution we do not notice how bad the air quality really is, the Pollution Pods demonstrate the effects.   Hubbub-Air-Pollution-Simulator-Dailycarblog
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