Kicking Safety Behind The Wheel Into Top Gear
As drivers, we all have individual preferences and visions of the perfect drive. However, there’s one aspect that unites us all – the need to put safety first. Statistics show that over 37,000 people died from car crashes in 2016. In truth, the soon to be confirmed stats for last year will probably show another increase. There are many contributing factors to consider, including the fact that there are more vehicles on the road. Still, the fact that hundreds of drivers suffer injuries each day should give every road user an incentive to take safety more seriously.  Follow these simple steps, and the road to good safety behind the wheel awaits.  #1. Buy The Right Car  A safe and dependable car instantly boosts your hopes of staying safe on the road. When looking at potential new car models, it always pays to check the IIHS safety ratings. You shouldn’t only look at the overall rating, though. Analyzing the aspects that matter to you, such as child safety, can make a world of difference.  It’s not simply about the right car model, especially when you look at the used marketplace. A full-service history can put many of your concerns to bed while a test drive is essential too. If the seller isn’t happy for you to have the motor looked over by an outside professional, this could be a cause for concern too.  One way or another, driving away in a vehicle that leaves you feeling comfortable and confident should always be the first item on your agenda.  #2. Personalize For Your Needs  At a glance, all vehicles are simply metal boxes on wheels that take us from point A to B. In reality, though, every driver has different needs. Ensuring that yours is built to satisfy your daily activities is essential, even when it means adding new items. Instead of installing a new speaker system, why not focus on practical investments instead?  Motorists that own trucks or utilize their car for off-road ventures may need to think about LED light bars. After all, a lack of visibility could significantly increase the danger in difficult conditions. For similar reasons, you may wish to invest in new tires that are designed for the type of climate that your geographic location will encounter.  Those seemingly small upgrades can make all the difference in your bid to prevent danger. Moreover, if problems do surface, having the best vehicle and add-ons may help you escape the danger.  #3. Pay Attention To Minor Faults Whether a light has lit up on the dashboard or you’ve simply noticed a change in the car’s performance, it’s very easy to let things slide. But even if those faults seem insignificant right now, getting them fixed right away is essential. Not only will it save you money in the long run. More importantly, it could end up saving your life too. Every driver should aim to learn basic skills such as flushing the transmission and topping up the air pressure. Click here to find various guides on those subjects. Having a reliable mechanic on hand can prevent those small damages from escalating into issues that could put your safety at risk. Either way, staying on top of those tasks is a major responsibility.  Apart from the increased safety, those positive steps should encourage a more comfortable drive. What more incentive could any motorist need?  #4. Become A Better Driver  It’s one thing to have a great car, but it counts for very little if you fail to handle it in style. As such, taking accountability for your driving skills is a fundamental feature of ongoing safety. Gaining your license shows a level of competence, but you should aim for so much more. Defensive driving schools are a great place to take your ability to sense and avoid danger to the next level.  The most crucial aspect of being a safe driver, however, revolves around keeping your eyes on the road at all times. Distractions account for up to 15% of all accidents, which is why texting while driving is something you must aim to stop. Apart from being illegal in most territories, it only takes one incident to potentially change your life forever. For similar reasons, you must avoid driving while tired too.  Another top tip for parents is to invest in a car DVD player for the kids. Keep them occupied, and you’ll be able to pay far greater attention to the road.  #5. Be Prepared  Most of the tops above aim to prevent road accidents altogether. Still, it would be very naïve to think that you’re 100% safe on the road. It only takes one moment of madness, even from another driver, to result in an accident. Therefore, taking the right precautions to deal with situations should be considered vital.  In the immediate aftermath, having a first aid kit and other essentials in the trunk can be crucial. Meanwhile, understanding the need for medical care is equally vital. You can click here to learn more about the next steps regarding the financial and legal implications. Still, there is no doubt that your safety comes first.  Being ready doesn’t necessarily reduce the danger, but it removes some of the fear and allows you to focus on the very best response. The impacts during those tough times can be huge.  #6. Stay Vigilant  As touched upon in the point above, you are relying on other drivers to use the road safely. Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee that this will happen. One of the smartest things you can do, then, is learn to expect the worst from other drivers. From not indicating on busy roads to driving under the influence, nothing should surprise you. Vigilance is vital.  There are many simple gestures that can help you steer clear of danger. Keeping a clear distance is a great starting point while always sticking to speed limits is equally crucial. Many of the latest car models come with added safety features. This list includes distance tracking that will automatically brake if the car in front does the same. Every millisecond is vital on the roads. Do not forget it  The truth is that the percentage of drivers getting into accidents is lower than ever, even if the overall stats are quite high. Embrace each of those safety methods in style, and you’ll be king of the road in no time. Let’s face it; a safe driver is a happy driver too.  Safety-Behind-The-Wheel-Jeremy-Clarkson
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