Why The All New Neesan Leaf Is Future Proofing Your Inconvenience
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Today has been a really good day, no negative headlines, critical analysis when required and generally being respectful and courteous. Being professional and giving an unbiased voice to all those who seek to showcase (another word for free promotion) their latest vehicle-car-thing. Yes, today we are being totally white collar about our approach. And yes, we want to be just like every other middle-classer out there seeking not to rock the boat. Even our editorial team has repeatedly mentioned not to say Jabba The Hut, Land Rover at the same time. But not necessarily in the same sentence. Today is a good day. And that brings us smoothly on to the Neesan Leaf… No Sorry, we can’t pretend when it comes to Neesan and the Leaf, I mean who in their right mind would want to cause themselves so much inconvenience. The 150-mile range is useless if you want to travel a long distance, indeed a horse and cart can go further than a Leaf over the course of a day. And someone should try that, pit an electric car against a horse and cart in a race and see who gets the furthest over the course of a day. No doubt Jeremy Clarkson is reading this, our sources tell us that he does read this spelling strewn, error-filled, grammatically laughable blog. And that brings us neatly back to the Neesan Leaf, what you are buying is a pipe dream that only appeals to people who actually believe they are making a difference. The people who have bought into this sub-conscious fraud are really future-proofing their inconvenience. Until battery technology advances, the electric car is pretty much what it has always been, a 19th-century technology being re-sold to a gullible 21st-century audience. Don’t buy the Nessan Leaf, until the batteries can ferry you there and back again without having to recharge for what seems like hours on end… … it has been a very good day today…  New-Neesan-Leaf-Dailycarblog
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