5 Steps You Should Take After Getting A DUI

Being pulled over for a DUI is never a good thing, but you can help yourself find the best possible outcome by following these simple steps to make sure you protect yourself. Whatever your ideal outcome is, following this after-DUI guide will help you achieve them.

  1. Contact a Lawyer
Charges of operating a motor vehicle under the influence are serious, and the repercussions can severely limit your transportation options, affecting your ability to work and carry out the responsibilities of everyday life. The sooner you get the best CA DUI attorney with experience in this area of the law, the sooner you will be getting legal advice that recognizes the details of your situation.
  1. Write Everything Down
It might take a little time after you contact a lawyer before you get to talk to your attorney. When you get home, write everything down immediately so you can provide the most accurate timeline of events possible. That way, if there are procedural issues that allow you to challenge the officer’s account of the process, you will have a record that is as fresh as possible.
  1. Compile All Your Documents
Everything you receive, from your citation to court summons documents, needs to be saved. Your lawyer will want to see it, and it could make a difference in your defense. Start a file to keep it all in one place.
  1. Suspend Social Media Activity
Prosecutors like to scour defendants’ social media accounts, and they can take innocent jokes or references to other events out of context to construct a narrative of intent and action that might not reflect what happened the night of your arrest. The less they can find, the better, so suspend your online activity and take the accounts down until legal matters settle.
  1. Avoid More Tickets, Including a Second DUI
If you are arrested for a second DUI while the first one is pending, the required penalties can be very severe. To learn more about obtaining traffic lawyers Los Angeles after a DUI arrest, contact The Ticket Clinic today.  Terminator-DUI-Dailycarblog
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