15 (Very) British Car Problems
If you’ve ever felt like Captain Oates of the Antarctic – “I’m just going out, I may be some time”- in winter, or maybe have experienced severe road rage on your way to work, you might relate to our car/winter rundown of daily occurrences. Whichever one you choose, just remember that getting angry behind the wheel isn’t safe, so we recommend laughing the stress off instead of causing an accident. Stay safe and enjoy! 🙂 Number 1. 15-Very-British-Car-Problems-2Number 2. 15-Very-British-Car-Problems-1Number 3. 15-Very-British-Car-Problems-15Number 4. 15-Very-British-Car-Problems-14Number 5. Number 6. 15-Very-British-Car-Problems-12Number 7. 15-Very-British-Car-Problems-11Number8. 15-Very-British-Car-Problems-10Number 9. 15-Very-British-Car-Problems-9Number 10. 15-Very-British-Car-Problems-8Number 11. ]15-Very-British-Car-Problems-7Number 12. 15-Very-British-Car-Problems-5Number 13. 15-Very-British-Car-Problems-4Number 14. 15-Very-British-Car-Problems-3Number 15. 15-Very-British-Car-Problems-6 Surely, we’ve all encountered at least one of these problems, however, if you’ve gone through the list and ticked every single one, maybe you should think about alternative choices for transport – like a bus. Or just never leaving the house. The rules of the road are changing, but it seems that not everyone got the memo – driving like your hair’s on fireworks some of the time, but for the rest of us mere mortals that still believe in courtesy and politeness (except when it comes to supercar owners), these very British Car Problems are a daily occurrence. Inspired by the hilarious Very British Problems. Cheers, Guys! https://www.oponeo.co.uk/tyre-article/15-very-british-car-problems  
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