VW To Invest In A New Generation of Electric Buses & Trucks
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In a bid to put the lying, cheating, and profiteering of the emissions scandal behind them, VW has announced radical plans to launch a new wave of electric buses and trucks. The company’s Turck and Bus division will receive 1.4 billion euros of investment to cut air pollution to meet new regulatory air quality targets. The new technology drive will be focused on autonomous systems and electric drivetrains. Fully electric buses are due to roll out next year, aimed primarily at European cities. VW will continue to offer bio-diesel, natural gas and hybrid alternatives. Electric trucks are expected to make up around 5 percent of the market share by 2025. These trucks will be limited to local routes due to the short range nature of current electric powered vehicles. A VW spokesperson said “We believe in a wide range of alternative powertrains and fuels, depending on local availability, social and local demand and customer requirements,”  VW also continued by saying “… it is crucial that policymakers adopt a technology-neutral approach” in any regulations.” VW’s push for autonomous driving technology will be limited to “closed environments” transport shuttles, airports, factories. Commercialisation of this technology is at least 2 years away.  VW-Electric-Truck-Dailycarblog
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