Alternative Ideas Within The Motoring Industry
Driving is a privilege that we are given and not one that we are entitled to. Abusing the power of being able to drive will result in you gaining points on your license or even a driving ban. Saying that, driving is one of the most amazing experiences that someone can have because it gives you the freedom to go wherever you want to go, with no limits. The problem with driving is that it’s often expensive, and maintaining a car can be difficult too because of fuel costs, repairs that it may need, and also making sure things like the air in your tyres is sufficient and your oil is topped up. Luckily there are alternative ways of driving that avoid you having to own a car and worry about the maintenance.

Car sharing

While it’s probably not the most desired option, car sharing is a wonderful way of being able to get to your location without having to worry about the expense and condition of the car. Contributing money towards fuel costs will allow you to be fair to the owner of the car, while getting to your destination at ease. While you might not be driving, there is still the added bonus of not having to get on public transport.

Hiring a car

If you’re someone that doesn’t need a car very often, then consider car rental for those times where you would like to travel further than your normal boundaries. You can hire them if you’re going on vacation, and even if you fancy taking a drive somewhere you can simply hire one for the day at a very reasonable rate. All you have to do is make sure the car makes it back to the dealership unscathed.


Probably the most desired option for many of you, because it means having a car at all times and being able to drive it too. The great thing about lease cars is that they are basically long term rental cars, and if something goes wrong with your car then you can take it back to the dealership to be repaired. The cost for leased cars are usually cheaper than the price of what you’d pay monthly for a finance car because once the time of your agreed lease is up, you have to return the car. However, you do still have to pay tax and insurance on it, but if you pick a well rounded and environmentally friendly engine, you shouldn’t have to pay too much on either. Consider one of these three options today as an alternative to owning a car so that you can still enjoy driving, but without the expenses and stress that comes with it. Driving should be something we enjoy at all costs, but if you can reduce it then that’s an added bonus to you. Are there any other alternatives within the motoring industry? Why not let us know your thoughts and opinions below?  Alt-Right-Car-Ideas-Dailycarblog
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