Muscle Bound YouTube Moron Buys Brand New McLaren 720S
His name is Tom Exton, 20-something, law graduate working for a city bank in London, not a local high-street bank but most probably an investment bank which means he earns a bucket load of money. Tom also runs London Muscle in his spare time, the combined earnings allow him to own a £225k Ferrari F12. London Muscle is an umbrella company for selling fitness videos, accessories, and fitness guides. Tom himself is a fitness freak and sculpted like a Greek god. You don’t gain that muscle mass without taking steroids… with a busy lifestyle you don’t retain that muscle mass without taking steroids… You don’t get a deep voice like that without taking steroids. But it doesn’t matter how Tom gains and retains muscle mass without spending too much time in the gym. What matters is that Tom made it in life and now wants to kill on YouTube to earn even more revenue. Damn, we should have started a YT channel. Now I am off to buy steroids and start a YouTube channel.Tom-Exton-YouTube-Dailycarblog
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