Too Hot To Handle Subaru WRX STI Driven Too Fast & Too Furiously
Video So you just received your brand new Subaru WRX STI and there is only one thing to do, go full throttle through a forested hill route somewhere in jerk water USA, or do it like a pro rally driver. That’s exactly what this proud new WRX STI owner did. However this owner wasn’t a good as his ego led him to believe as he totally ”bin’s” his beloved into the forest of somewhere in jerk water USA. The Subaru is seen to understeer off but it wasn’t the Subaru’s fault the blame is squarely on the shoulders of the driver. He approaches a right hand kink that is more acute than he realises. It’s simply a case of going too fast into the corner which is why he under-steered off. The readout on the instrument binnacle reads an approach speed of 84mph before he enters the corner. He may have been able to make the corner had he approached at a racing angle but that would have meant driving on the other side of the road just for a few minutes of thrill. The lesson to be learnt here is stick to playing video games or better still arrange a track day.  Suabru-WRX-STI-Too-Fast-Crash
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