Australia Goes Back To British As They Get All Aston Martin DB11
It seems anyone but us can get their hands on a Aston Martin press car these days indeed the Gaydon based manufacture hasn’t been this generous in handing out a DB11 review unit since Willy Wonka gave away his chocolate factory to Charlie. But we here at DCB Towers are still behind the metal fence, barricaded away like the unwanted, peering through the vertically arranged fence poles, the cold hard steel pinching the left and right cheekbone as we look on forlornly so. Although we have visited Aston Martin HQ to test out the DB9 and Vantage V8 we have accepted our fate, those days won’t be coming back any time soon. But hey we’re cool wit-dat once we were something, we could’a been someone instead’a of-a endin up being a bum. But for us here at DCB Towers getting a review unit out of Kevin Watters is like swimming in a crocodile invested river and asking the croc to feed further on down the stream. Kev is a good chap a great PR ambassador for Aston Martin and we’re not bitter, however the Australian car media seems to be getting more luck than us. In fact the Aussies have more chance of reviewing a DB11 than an Aborigine getting the chance to treated as an equal citizen and getting historical land rights back in 21st century Australia. As a wise man once said ”this land is your land this, this land is my land… this land is made for you and me”.  CarAdvice-Aston-Martin-DB11-Review
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