Four Of The Best Automatic Cars On Sale Today

Manual cars get all the attention because they are the most enjoyable to drive. Or are they? As it turns out, automatic cars can be just as fun if you have the right motor. They are quick, economical, and require less mollycoddling so you can focus your mind on the road. Once you convert, you will never go back to shifting a stick. Here are four of the best automatics on sale today that will totally change your mind about stickless motors.

Volkswagen Polo DSG


One thing that might confuse you about automatics is how one can be better than the other. After all, they are pretty much all the same, right? No, they aren’t all the same because different manufacturers have different transmissions. And, quite simply, the one in the Polo DSG is hard to beat. It is so smooth that it gives silk a run for its money, and this reflects in the performance. The engine is only a 1.2, but the way it shifts effortlessly from gear to gear makes it seem much more powerful. For a car that isn’t noted for its speed, you’ll certainly be able to hit over one hundred miles an hour.

McLaren 650S


One car that is noted for its speed is the McLaren, and the automatic version doesn’t disappoint. In fact, you might need a few more automatic driving lessons beforehand to make sure you’re ready to tackle this beast. With a total of 641 horses under the hood, this automatic can reach 60mph in 3.0 seconds flat. By the time you get to 100mph, you’ll have been driving all of 5.8 seconds. All of this means you’ll also be able to hit a top speed of 341mph without a manual gearbox. The fact an automatic reaches these kinds of speeds is crazy, but it might have something to do with McLaren using their F1 tech in their road cars. It won’t turn you into Lewis Hamilton, but it’ll make you feel what he feels.

Hamilton might be the best driver in the world, but he doesn’t get to drive a 911 around every week. You can, though, if you invest in a PDK. Fans of Porsche might recoil at the thought of an automatic transmission, yet there is nothing to worry about for the purists. The frighteningly quick 911 delivers as fast 0-60 times without a manual gearbox (3.4s), but it moves through the gears more efficiently. When left to its devices, the changes are flawless, giving you more time to focus on throwing this baby into the corners with its superb handling. A Porsche 911 isn’t, but it is one car that’s well worth the money.

Tesla Model S


Tesla cars are the future of the industry. But, forget about driverless cars for the moment because you’ll want to spend as much time behind the wheel of the Model S as possible. With its electric transmission, this Tesla only has one mode. So, all you have to do is put it in gear and drive. If the Tesla sounds a little boring, it isn’t because the ride is so smooth and the shifts are seamless. And, there is plenty of power under the hood as when you put your foot to the floor there’s a surge of energy that gets the adrenaline coursing.

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