Beware The Free Oil Change! Common Mistakes When Hiring Mechanics
No matter how reliable your model happens to be, you’re going to need to go to a mechanic every now and then. While it’s certainly important to make sure your car gets all the maintenance and attention it needs, a lot of people make certain blunders which lead to them paying much more than they need to. The next time you need some work done, be sure to avoid the following… Jumping on Offers Scotty-Kilmer-vs-Dailycarblog-oIL-cHANGE A lot of auto shops, particularly small, independent operations, will advertise something like a cheap or even free oil change as a ploy to get you on the shop floor, where they’ll be free to point out all kinds of issues and charge you for expensive repairs. Despite what it may seem like, mechanics perform their oil changes at a cost or even a loss, so they’re going to want to be able to charge you for something more when your car rolls through that door. If you’re not prepared to pay for all that work, then make sure you don’t get lured in by the promise of some cheap or free work. You may wind up having to pay much more for work that could have waited a while. Not Doing Your Research Scotty-Kilmer-vs-Dailycarblog If you love driving, then noticing some major mechanical issue in your car is something of a tragedy. For the most passionate drivers, every minute that goes by when you can’t drive your “baby” will feel like agony! Naturally, this may push you to drive your failing car to the closest establishment that calls itself an auto shop, and pay whatever they ask for, no matter how shoddy the work is. I understand your position, but I implore you to look around a little more! Just like any service business, auto shops cover a wide spectrum of rates and standards of work. Be sure to ask your friends and family about their experiences with local mechanics, or throw the question out on a forum frequented by local drivers. You can also use handy comparison sites such as . Yes, you may have to spend a few more days riding the bus, but if you fail to do proper research you’re pretty much asking to be ripped off! Being Scared of the DIY Approach Scotty-Kilmer-Idiot By my reckoning, there are two types of auto enthusiast in this world: those who love their car so much they look for any opportunity to tinker with it, and those who love their car so much they’re terrified of even using jumper cables. There are pros and cons to both types of driver, but if you fall into the latter category and want to save a small fortune on your car repairs, I strongly recommend at least dipping your toe in the DIY approach. There are many common maintenance jobs which you can easily do yourself, and with the modern accessibility of the internet, you’ll have no problem finding a detailed, step-by-step tutorial to changing your oil, replacing your air filter, and other things. Just make sure you leave the big ones to the pros!  Scotty-Kilmer-vs-Dailycarblog-oIL-
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