How To Preserve Your Pickup Truck
Pickup trucks are pretty indestructible beasts, so you might think they need little maintenance. Those who buy them usually do so to take advantage of their four-by-four offroad capabilities, towing capacity and general robustness. However, just because your pickup can carry 3 tonnes up a steep dirt track road, doesn’t mean you should do it repeatedly. Pickups will eventually wear and tear like anything else. Here are some ways to preserve your pickup and keep it ticking in years to come. Tidy your bed Enclosed carpeted boots are restrictive and many buy pick-up because they can store whatever they want in back, whether it be rubble, heavy equipment or chemicals. The bed of a pickup is tough stuff but it’s important to reinforce it with a spray in bedliner or drop-in. These will keep your bed protected against the elements, although you should still keep on top of cleaning it. A chemical spillage might eventually cause damage if not seen to. You shouldn’t need a heavy-duty bedliner unless you’re handling hot asphalt or sticky sludgy materials. Counter rust with an oil-type treatment Exposure to rain and hail and snow can cause any vehicle to rust. Pickups may be a little tougher against harsh weather, but those using them to travel through flooded roads and snow regularly may soon find that they swiftly becoming rustbuckets if not treated. The best treatment you can use is some kind of oil solution. You may only need to apply this twice a year. There are also treatments to get rid of rust to help your truck look pretty again. Make mufflers last longer by drilling holes This might seem like an odd maintenance tip, but your exhaust – whether galvanised or not – may start to eventually corrode with time due to acidic exhaust moisture getting trapped. In some models such as the Ford 150, this engine moisture can has been known to pool and start corroding faster as a result. Drilling holes in the lowest part of the pipe can act as drainage and stop engine moisture collecting. Choose tyres to suit the terrain Before venturing off into the barren wilderness, make sure you have the right tyres fitted. Your vehicle might be advertised as off-road, but may have been sold with road tyres. Fit a pair of decent Goodyears or Goodriches before making any steps into harsh terrain. Note that some off-road tyres are better for different climates. For a US roadtrip into the desert or an outback venture, you’ll need some tyres that can deal with the heavy heat, whilst colder climates will need a winter variant. Keep on top of fluids and battery life On top of pickup-specific maintenance jobs, you shouldn’t forget to keep on top of oil, wiper fluid, coolant and all those other liquids under the bonnet. Similarly, inspect the battery regularly. If you regularly go off-road, you don’t want to break down in the middle of a field where an emergency breakdown vehicle is going to have trouble saving you.fall-guy-dailycarblog-pick-up
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