How to Ensure You Are Getting the Most Out of Your Car
Owning a car can be extremely expensive these days. Not only do you have to fork out on ever-increasing fuel prices, but there’s also the cost of the MOT, tax, insurance and any repairs which crop up along the way. If you’re looking to cut costs and get the most out of your car, here you’ll discover some great tips that will help. Be fuel-smart As the cost of fuel is one of the largest costs associated with running a car, it makes sense to limit the amount it uses. Obviously some cars use more fuel than others, but a universal tip to help lower the amount of fuel consumed is to pay attention to the gears as you drive. The Energy Saving Trust claims drivers can save up to 15% in fuel by simply changing up a gear at the right time. For petrol drivers, changing the gear up before reaching 2,500 revs is recommended. For diesel drivers, changing the gear before 2,000 gears will help you to achieve substantial fuel savings. Don’t avoid supermarket fuel As highlighted by First Response Finance, supermarket fuel has been considered “lower quality” to that of premium brand garages. However, this theory has actually been disproven over time, proving that supermarket fuel is just as efficient and effective as the more established branded options. It’s also significantly cheaper, so it makes sense to start filling up at your local supermarket. Book it in for a regular service While thankfully things don’t go seriously wrong very often, if a problem does occur with your car, it can cost a small fortune to repair. Usually, large expensive issues present themselves when a fault with the car hasn’t been identified early enough. Ensuring the car is serviced regularly will help you to pick up on any potential problems early on, reducing the amount it costs to fix. Avoid over-using the air conditioning Despite popular opinion, a car’s heating system doesn’t tend to use much additional fuel. This is because the heat produced is commonly recycled from the engine. However, the same rule doesn’t apply to the car’s air conditioning system. Regardless of how fast you are driving, using the air conditioning will use additional fuel. If you were to open the window whilst driving under 40mph however, it won’t typically cost you any extra. Overall, there are a lot of ways you can ensure you’re getting the most from your car. The clever tips and tricks above can help you to save potentially hundreds of pounds. Being more aware of your fuel consumption and how various driving techniques affect how much fuel the vehicle consumes is really going to help you cut costs.  how-to-be-a-smart-car-owner
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