Kid Playing Video Games On YouTube Buys & Wraps A Lamborghini
Were doing it all wrong, we should have started a YouTube Channel, playing video games, but we’re stuck in this dead-end twilight world of blogging. Playing video games on your YouTube Channel, done well, can earn you millions. Who would have thought that it was possible to do so even five years ago, but it is possible. Revenue streams and revenue generation is easy when you have over 14 million YouTube subs, and when it’s all about the numbers the advertisers will flock to your door steps… even secretly racist ones. Meet Olajide Olatunji otherwise known as KSI, he has earned millions by playing football video games and posting the footage on YouTube. He makes around 40 videos a month and with over three billion views he has raked in a fortune. On views alone KSI has earned an estimated £4 million GBP from YouTube’s advertising programmes which is catered specifically for it’s top performing YouTube stars. But the real money comes from brand endorsements and third party advertising which means millions more. So KSI could easily have an estimated net wealth of £10m. Not bad for a 23 year old school drop out. Despite saying he would never spend his easily earned money on ‘ridiculous things’ KSI, he is doing just so. He bought a new Lamborghini Aventador which he had wrapped courtesy of  auto wrapping specialist Yiannimise. Damn… Blogging…  ksi-lamborghini-wrapped-yiannimise
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