Another Tesla Crashes While In Autonomous Mode
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Another Tesla has reported to have crashed while being driven in semi-autonomous mode. The crash happened in Montana over the weekend and follows on from another Tesla crash which ended with a fatality last month. The most recent crash involved the Model X SUV, Tesla have confirmed that the vehicle’s ‘autopilot’ function was activated at the time of the crash. According to reports the driver was travelling from Seattle to the Yellowstone Park when the Model X is said to have steered off the road and into the guard rail. While the Model X was damaged the motorist was uninjured. Reports also suggest that the driver may not have had his hands on the steering wheel. Tesla instructs owners to place their hands on the steering wheel when the ”autopilot’ function is activated. The owner of the Model X was apparently driving on a single carriageway (undivided road). Tesla’s autopilot function has been designed for use on motorways, Tesla also state that autopilot should not be used for high speed driving. According to Tesla’s data records of the crash the driver of the Model X did not have his hands on the steering wheel for over two minutes before the incident occurred. As the road conditions become more uncertain the autopilot feature fired off a series of warnings to the driver to take control of the steering wheel. According to police the driver who is of Chinese origin told officers at the scene that the warning indicators were given in English, the driver claims he only spoke Mandarin. Last month Joshua Brown was killed while his Tesla Model S was in autopilot mode. It is being claimed by witnesses that Brown was watching a DVD at the time of the fatal crash. Meanwhile the government agency responsible for road safety in the USA, NHTAS, is investigating all Tesla vehicles equipped with the “Autopilot Technology Package”.  Tesla-Autopilot-Crash
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