Meet The $1 Million Dollar Toyota
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Toyota can engineer and build cars able to match the very best Europe has to offer, they can also produce the most unforgettable cars that are so bland you will never forget how boring Toyota can get. For those fleeting moments when Toyota’s accountants and cost cutters are presumably tied up and bundled into an empty store room Toyota can let their creative hair down and manufacture greatness. The greatness can be in the form of this 1968 Toyota 2000 GT, perhaps one of the forgotten classics of the 1960’s. But time never forgets because Toyota really did nail it with the 2000 GT in terms of how it looks. Toyota-2000-GT-Rear The 2000 GT wouldn’t look out of place next to an Aston Martin DB6 or Jaguar E Type but in actuality the Toyota looks better and is probably worth more than the two British supercars combined. Indeed being limited to a number of editions makes the 2000 GT extremly rare. We reckon the main reason why the 2000 GT is really so valuable is because Toyota never made such a stunning grand tourer like it again. You could still argue that is the case to this day whether it’s the Lexus brand or the Toyota brand. When it was reviewed by America’s Road&Track magazine in 1967 it was hailed as being “one of the most exciting and enjoyable cars we’ve driven”. Collectors see it as Japan’s first ever front-engine rear wheel drive supercar. Toyota-2000-GT-Front The 2000 GT was actually designed by Yamaha and was originally developed for Nissan who rejected the prototype. When Yamaha proposed the concept to Toyota they accepted the project but used their own in-house designer for the exterior styling. The 2000GT was powered by a longitudinally mounted straight-six which developed 150bhp and was hooked up to a five speed manual gearbox. It also featured a limited slip differential and all round disc brakes as standard. Bingo Sports World of Tokyo, Japan have the above example up for sale, the 2000 GT was only in production between 1967-1970. Only 351 examples were made and this means there will be a super expensive price premium. Similar examples have sold for upto $1,200,000 dollars.  Toyota-2000-GT-Profile
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