Why The ‘New’ Fiat 500 Disapoints
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The new Fiat 500 disappointed us when the official press release was finally made available and we spent our summer break crying into our pillows. Why? Because for weeks leading up to the reveal Fiat were releasing teaser shots and bits of information, generally reminding us how great the 500 used to be and still is. And were looking forward to preparing a full article on the ‘new’ Fiat 500. And telling you how great Fiat thinks it is. 

But we can’t because there is nothing really new to report other than a set of new front and rear bumpers, new headlights and a slightly revised interior. These are usually considered to be mid-cycle updates and the Fiat 500 in its second lease of life is now in its eighth year. So we can’t say much at all about the Fiat 500 because 95 percent of it is much the same.


OK so the engines are more efficient, they get more efficient every year. The problem isn’t the with the 500 its with the campaign to convince us and therefore you that it is ‘new’. And like idiots, we here at DCB Towers believed or were prepared to be amazed by a brilliant new-looking Fiat 500 or at the very least a brilliant evolution.

But it isn’t either of those its a well-rehearsed publicity stunt and damn it we fell for it yet again. But this ‘new’ 500 shows a few cracks, Fiat are not cash rich at the moment, the company is a little bit like the Greek economy, heavily in debt and getting into more debt and the revised 500 shows that Fiat is having to spread the costs very thinly.


So a set of new bumper designs is a lot cheaper than an entirely revised design and engineering package. but maybe the Fiat 500 is good enough as it is or ever was so why make significant changes to what has worked so well thus far. Who cares about obsolescence.

If you want to buy the revised Fiat 500 then prices start at £10k for UK punters with sales starting in September.

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