Modifying A Car On A Budget Is A Really Bad Idea
While most people will never get to the extreme levels of car modification that Liberty Walk can achieve aspiring to do so is a legal high available to anyone with a spanner and imagination. This video of home made car mods leads one to believe most of the modifications were actually created by people under the influence of some illegal narcotic. Meow Meow of Moo Moo or what ever the latest dubious white substance people want to put into their bloodstream. Our sources tell us that most of the car mods shown in this video were created by people who were not intoxicated, they were of sound mind. When ever you read a news article which says “our sources say” don’t believe these news organisations they are just making it up on the fly, according to our news sources.  Modifing-a-car-on-abudget-is-a-bad-idea
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