5 Reasons Why We Like Casino Royale

Casino Royale is perhaps the best Bond movie ever, Quantum of Solace? A bit messy in our view. Skyfall was back on the game but Casino Royale just can’t be beaten and its all due to one reason, the Aston Martin DBS.

Here are our 5 reasons why;

1. The Aston Martin DBS, above, what a great way to start a new Bond franchise and there is no more stylish way to travel than in the DBS, a rear-wheel drive super tuned V12 gladiator of supercars, capable of reaching a top speed of 183 mph and blitzing the 0-62mph time at  4.3 seconds thanks to 510bhp. Most of all it looks stunning.

2. No Bond car is complete without toys, although we realised the Casino Royale “toys” were limited to a more realistic double decked slide out tray, that’s good enough for us.


3. Every Aston Martin must have a good partner and that is an expensive suit complete with a semi-automatic machine gun. There are suits and then there are suits, this Brioni Single Breasted three-piece suit is a work of tailoring art and worth every bit of the £5,000 it cost to make. The tie is by Turnbull & Asser if you must know (so are the shirt/s)


4. No Bond film is complete without at least one beautiful tracking shot, here it is again, the Aston Martin DBS


5. And last but not least, Eva Green aka Vesper the most intelligent of all the female Bond leads.


You will notice that a majority of the cars featured in Casino Royale were mostly ex-Ford empire such as Range Rover’s, Volvo’s, Jaguar’s and of course the Aston Martin DBS all were under the Ford brand portfolio.

Its classic product placement, advertising to you and I, and Ford must have paid million’s to get valuable screen time, Casino Royale went on to become hot property at the box office when it was released in 2006.

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